Do you crave the adrenaline rush of supporting the production infrastructure that powers the ultimate employee communications & advocacy platform? Are you a fanatic when it comes to quashing operational inefficiencies in web infrastructure? Do you get a kick out of automating routine tasks with a few lines of code? Do you exemplify the ethic of, “If you have to do something more than once, automate it”? Do you deliberately storm your own servers to make sure they survive nastiest attackers? If yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, this is a superb chance for you to hop into one of the hottest SaaS start-ups on the market and get the learning & development experience of lifetime! At Smarp you will get your chance to shine!

As a DevOps at Smarp, you will:

  • Ensure Smarp webapp uptime is 99.999% (or 5.26 minutes downtime per year)
  • Ensure Smarp webapp response time is under 200ms globally
  • Be responsible for servers resilience, recoverability and security
  • Design and implement DDoS protection plan
  • Design and implement disaster recovery (DR) drill plan, and ensure DR process occurs less than 30 minutes
  • Participate in on-call schedule as first line of defense
  • Maintain and upgrade operational environment with zero downtime
  • Define and architect continuous delivery and other automation platforms
  • Enforce and supervise information security best practices
  • Aggregate and analyze application logs and system logs

What is in it for you:

  • You get to constantly learn, improve and leave your mark in the success of the company
  • Chance to truly influence on the stability of our SaaS product
  • You get to work with very talented tech team and learn about new technologies
  • Key position in the company with high impact on the quality of our SaaS
  • International and multicultural work environment
  • You will be a team member in an ambitious, fast-growing, international start-up with an amazing spirit >> check us on Instagram and Facebook
  • Check out some behind the scenes material from us>>

What we would hope from you:

  • At least 1-3 years of experience in a similar type of role
  • Knowledge of scripting & automation and UNIX are must haves
  • The hunger to succeed in the role and willingness to develop further
  • Take ownership of your work and the results you deliver
  • Creativity, spontaneity and ability to adjust on the go
  • Great team work skills and willingness to have fun together
  • Ambition to make Smarp the greatest Global success story ever

What is Smarp?

Smarp is the leading employee communication, advocacy and engagement SaaS provider with operations in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and New York with more than 50 full-time team members. Smarp exists to inspire every professional to be an influencer by making knowledge sharing simple and rewarding. At it’s core, Smarp helps employees to discover and share professional content to their external social media networks, which creates value for themselves as professionals, the employer and their networks. Smarp is the number 1 choice for employee advocacy software, see how it works >>>

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